Coordination Committee of Women’s Network BiH held its first meeting

LogoFirst meeting of Coordination Committee of Women’s Network BiH took place on September 22nd in Sarajevo.  Five of seven members were present. They discussed about communication within the Committee and about communication between members of Women’s Network BiH in general. Issues regarding writing and publishing of the releases, accepting new members in Women’s Network BiH, but also about organization of the Annual Conference of Women’s Network BiH and about organization of the street action before General elections 2014 have been on the agenda.

Members of the Coordination Committee have agreed that communication will take place via mailing lists and Google groups which have already been made and which are in function. As far as writing of the statements and their publishing goes, in addition to the rules established by Platform and Code, at least five members of the Coordination Committee must agree with the text for it to be published. It is expected of the members to declare about this within 24 hours. Accepting new members will take place through the application and specifying three recommendations of the organizations that are already members of Women’s Network BiH.

Coordination Committee also discussed about the topic of of the Annual Conference of Women’s Network BiH. It was proposed that the topic should concern post-election power sharing with minimum participation of 40% women in executive power. Conference will take place in second part of November. Street action will be held on October 10th. Members of Women’s Network will invite all women to vote freely, by they own will, for any candidate they want. Slogans of the street action will be: “I’ve made my choice!” and “I have voted!”. Slogans will be printed on the promotional bags which will be made for this purpose.

Next meeting of the Coordination Committee will be held in February 2015.