Review of the Report: Gray area – Abortion issue in Croatia

grey_zoneBy: Maida Zagorac

This is a comment of the report that was the result of the research of the Center for Education, Counseling and Research (CESI). The report deals with the issue of abortion in Croatia.

Abortion issues in Croatia belong to the “gray area” which is characterized by: inadequate government regulation, shortcomings in the records of abortion, medical cases of corruption and abuse of office, regional and hospital price volatility medical treatment, as well as high incidence of conscientious objection. Additionally there is a patriarchal stigmatization of women who arbitrarily terminated their pregnancy, as well as the existence of neo-conservative threats and safety of legal abortions in Croatia.

The report is available in Croatian and English here.

More about neo-conservative threats can be foud in this article: Review of the Report: Neoconservative threats to sexual and reproductive rights in the European Union

Complete article is available in B/H/S languages here.