Attack at the premises of Women in Black

During the night between Friday, Oct. 22, and Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, unidentified perpetrators spray-painted in black the following, on the front door of the Women in Black premises, located at 18, Jug Bogdanova Street:

– Whores in black

– Ratko Mladic

– Five pieces of the sign Only unity saves Serbs

This is not the first, and it will certainly not be the last in a series of attacks on Women in Black. During 30 years of work, Women in Black have been exposed to both verbal and physical attacks. Women in Black activists, as well as Women in Black premises, have often been the target of physical attacks by various fascist groups and individuals, which always ended with impunity.

Those attacks, most often backed by the so-called non-state actors, who have always been and continue to be under the control of parts of the disbanded secret services, which remained as a legacy of Milosevic’s criminal regime, have always taken place with the tacit consent of the ruling political establishment.

The current political regime in Serbia, led by Aleksandar Vučić, uses fascist groups and individuals as a scourge in their hands in order to settle accounts with all free-thinking groups and individuals, and above all with those who with their opinions and actions demand a radical break-away from crimes committed in the past, in which the above-mentioned individual was not only a silent observer, but also a very active participant.

We ask the competent institutions of the state of Serbia to put an end to the climate of unsanctioned and condoned violence, by finding those responsible for this attack and punishing them adequately.

In Belgrade, 25th October 2021

Women in Black