Witches meeting – reference to the promotion of the book “One su naše danas” at the 13th Festival PitchWise

On the first day of the PitchWise Festival of Women’s Art and Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018, organized by the CURE Foundation, this year under the title – Deconstruction of Patriarchal Norms – Sarajevo Open Centre promoted the book “One su naše danas”. Promotion was the chance for opening up the contemporary feminist themes of everyday life. 


Conversations about brave women who disagreed with blind obedience and who were defying the rules of the environment in which they lived and struggled for better opportunities inspired the research. This was precisely what a group of people did – they were talking  and resarching – sharing the conviction that feminism is important and that it is important to read history again. 
Authors: Ana Buljan, Adna Nalić, Emina Zahirović-Pintarić, Mirza Halilčević, Matej Vrebac. Editor: Matej Vrebac. Proofreading: Bjanka Alajbegović. Layout, cover, illustrations: Vanja Lazić. PDF only on BHS One su nase
Text about the promotion is available on BCS language.